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About Voice Of Jains

Voice of Jains is an initiative by Youngsters with intention of uniting all Jains also to spread the knowledge of Jainism around the world for Non-violence and Peace. We are here with a small initiative to Digitalise Jainism. But with your support and involvement, this can be transformed into a huge success. Join hands and let’s make it big.

Our mission is to strengthen the voice of Jains in the world. This initiative of Voice Of Jains has been taken up for the sole purpose of spreading the values of non-violence, of indifference to pleasure and pain, imparted by our Lord Mahaveer. In these times of terrorism and religious discrimination, we want to show what the power of unity can do.

It takes love and concern to touch people’s hearts and that is what is the foundation stone of this initiative. The line ‘ सम्यग् दर्शन ज्ञान चारित्राणि मोक्षमार्ग ‘ is the driving force of this Voice Of Jains group. We want to turn every stone into the lord, we want to see divine in every soul. We just want to raise the slogan of ‘ जैनम जयति शासनम ‘ at the top of our voices in the entire world.

We want to shine light on the path of salvation shown to us by our Lord MAHAVEER. We want to try and help our brothers and sisters in attaining the ultimate goal of human life, ‘ Moksh ‘. We aim at unifying our entire community in these modern times with this modern mean, to connect and share our thoughts on strengthening our values and our community as a whole.